Commission Art



I take regular commission requests for almost anything that is anime illustration related.

This information page will have everything you can expect from my services.

Some of the work that I can help you do include:

  • Poster Art.
  • Cover Illustrations for games, graphic novels, cds, dvds.
  • Inking.
  • Coloring.
  • Character Concepts - front/side/back views, accessories, facial expressions, templates, etc.
  • 3d modeling for low-poly games (DS, PSP, iPhone, Android, etc).
  • 2D game art - character portraits, etc.
  • Mascot characters for blogs.
  • Avatar characters for forums, blogs, etc.


Q: How much do you charge?

The price varies depending on complexity. But you can expect an average price of $200 to $300 for a full-sized high-resolution color illustration. Obviously, things like avatars would be significantly lower in price.

Q: How is payment calculated?

I take the proposed project and estimate how many hours it would take to complete it, and base my price on that.

Q: What’s the payment/work schedule?

A deposit of 50% of the estimated costs is due upfront before work begins.


  1. Deposit is paid
  2. Work begins
  3. 1st pass draft is shown to you for your approval (watermarked with SAMPLE)
  4. Changes are made as work continues
  5. 2nd pass is shown to you for approval (watermarked with SAMPLE)
  6. Minor tweaks are made to complete the work
  7. Final pass is shown to you for final approval (watermarked with SAMPLE)
  8. Remaining payment due
  9. Once payment is received, the final image without watermarks is sent to you
Q: What about copyright?

This greatly depends on the context of the work involved. In some cases, you’ll retain all the copyrights, but I still maintain the right to publish it in a portfolio and distribute it. In some cases, I’ll ask the opposite where I retain the copyrights, but you are given the rights to distribute it.


  • 90%
    Knowledge & Proficiency
  • 80%
    Anime Art
    Diverse Styles
  • 85%
    Video Game Art
    Mobile Game Assets and 3D Modeling
  • 55%
    Manga Panel Art
    Drawing Manga